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We have something for everyone from our Diamondback Mountain Bikes that are ideal for all terrain riding in the sandy forests of Dunwich, Rendlesham or Tunstall. They perform well on road too and can be used pretty much anywhere, the MTB tyres keep good traction on sandy roads and lanes especially in areas like Walberswick where the roads can be more sand than anything else.

Our Mountain Bike range comes in two sizes, the 40cm frame is ideal for people around 5′ to 5’6″ but can be ridden by people outside that range. The larger 50cm frame is ideal for taller riders around 6’+.

Tourer Bicycles

Our Touring bicycles are ideal for road based riding with a small amount of track work. Our Tourers have slicker tyres without the knobbly tread you find on mountain bikes so work best on the road, they are also thinner i width so they give you a good road riding experience. Our Tourers come in two sizers, our smaller 43cm bike is ideal for riders around 5’4″ to 5’10” and our larger 53cm tourer is suitable for heights between 5’10” and 6’+.

Electric Bicycles

Our Electric Bicycles are Wisper Wayfarers with wide tyres suitable for road based riding and some track work such as well maintained forest trails.

Childrens Range

Our Children’s range of bike sinclude a 24″ wheel mountain bike for children around 10 years old, and child seats for the tourers and baby seats for any of our bikes. Find out more about our childrens’ range on our booking page or the bicycle range page.

Whatever bike you choose, your sure to have a great time in Suffolk, riding pretty much anywhere there is always something to see. If you need any help selecting the correct bike please get in touch.

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